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Floor Plan Friday: Narrow block with garage rear l...

Floor Plan Friday: Narrow block with garage rear lane access

Here’s a plan today if you’re looking for something to suit a narrow block with rear lane access. Some parcels of land don’t have car access from the front, so this one might suit. It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 living home with good use of space.

From the front you walk on to a deck, with the entry on the side. This is suitable because you eliminate a really long hallway from the front to the back. Pus if the home is built close to the road there’s more privacy. The facade can be more of a feature with the decking and large windows.

Obviously you walk from the garage in to the laundry and past a study nook but then straight in to the kitchen.

What do you think about this plan? I found it here.

If you’re obsessed with house designs like I am then I have a stack more over here.

Plus I can give you a hand with your own floor plans in my services list over here.

Happy Friday ♥ KC.


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