Floor Plan Friday: Fireplace, Alfresco & 4 bedrooms

Here is a classic 4 bedroom home but with feature fireplace and alfresco area. The design also boasts a private courtyard for the main bedroom and has been displayed with a butler’s pantry to the kitchen…Grange Grange-Dining-Mt-Barker

What do you think about the main bathroom being all the way on the back of the house? I’m not sure! Here is where I found the plan and you can see lots more of my Floor Plan Friday posts here!

♥ KC.

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  • Bec Man says:

    Love floor plan Friday! I want a great room now. Just so I can say “and here’s my great room…” As opposed to just having a good room!

  • Angela Carroll says:

    Chrystal Andrews I noticed you are looking at floor plans on Pinterest. Katrina has one every Friday which look fantastic! Something else to add to the mix. X