Floor Plan Friday: Family home with great entrance area

Hi! I found this plan today over on Pinterest. It’s very American in the way it’s drawn, but there are some good features on this plan. The plan is a very good sized 4 bedroom family home and the overall layout is practical. The frontage is perfect (you know I like rooms and windows either side of the main front door).

I also really like the entrance/gallery area. That could be a feature with higher ceilings in there.

I would flip the master bedroom with the ensuite. The ensuite on the front of the house would be no good. There are also WAY too many bathrooms. Each room has their own bathroom! Scrap some of them and make a better master bathroom. However, the kitchen is a good looking out to the outdoor area with a pool.

What do you think?

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Click on the plan to view it larger, or go here to see more variations.

If you’d love to see more great floor plans then click here.

♥ KC.

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  • Donna Lovelock says:

    His & Hers toilets in the ensuite! Wow.

  • Sandy Hunt says:

    I love it!

  • Judy O'Connor says:

    Love the Great Room idea. They are common in American plans.

  • Gilli says:

    Six loos and four bathrooms? Imagine the cost that adds to a build, let alone the life time of cleaning. Pass.

    • Katrina says:

      Hahaha, yes that’s what I said above – ditch all of those extras! X

  • Cindy Tan says:

    I can’t believe I can find fully equipped kitchen that include stoves, refrigerators and ample counter space. I love the private patio or balcony.