Floor Plan Friday: Corner block + split level

Today I thought I’d add a plan to Floor Plan Friday which suits a corner block + it’s split level. If you happen to own a block like this then it can be very tricky to get the plan right! I found this plan when searching around the web and thought it was very interesting.

So as you can see the fall of the block is from the master bedroom down to the garage. You step up from the laundry area in to the main living (or continue around the stairs up to the top level). There are a few more steps up to the master bedroom and another living room.

The kitchen is on the front of the home because the pool on the back is a huge feature.

Of course this is a very bespoke home and it’s super luxurious. We can dream right? However, if you do have a tricky split level block you might be able to pinch a few ideas from this plan to make it your own.

I found the plan here.

What do you think of this plan?

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♥ KC.