Floor Plan Friday: Classic Hamptons single-storey home

I see the word “Hamptons” and I am stalking! I am a lover that’s for sure. Today I have this classic single-storey Hamptons style floor plan for you to drool over. It’s a pretty simple plan, but does tick a lot of boxes. This plan isn’t that easy to read as you have to keep looking at the numbers to work it out, but overall I think you may like it?

Kids up the back with their own bathrooms (2 would share). The master is on the front opposite a home office which is good. I like that.

There’s plenty of storage with the laundry and walk through pantry.

You could make the outdoor alfresco area a little bigger too.

Check out the e-nook (number 14).

Overall it’s a pretty good plan. The facade is pretty too! It suits an 18.5m wide block.

I found the plan here

What do you think about this one?

If you’re obsessed with house designs like I am then I have a stack more over here.

Plus I can give you a hand with your own floor plans in my services list over here.

Happy Friday ♥ KC.


  • Anonymous

    For some reason I am just not a fan of walking through a food storage area with dirty clothes to get to the laundry….maybe cos my husbands a farmer and after sheep work his clothes stink

  • Anonymous

    Oh gosh!!!
    Imagine cleaning all those wet areas

    • Katrina Chambers

      Does a cleaner come with it? haha.. That would be good!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely make the alfresco bigger. And is it just me, or is the WIP an age from the kitchen?
    Jealous of the bath in the ensuite
    We start building our own Hamptons style home soon, so I’m also stalking….!

  • Anonymous

    As a mum of three young boys also, I’d change the kids bedroom/bathrooms layout somehow so the bedrooms share just the one bathroom – 3-way config maybe. And I’d turn the other into a half bath (remove the shower) so at least one toilet/sink area remains guaranteed to be pee free for guests to use, haha. Otherwise floorplan is lovely

  • Anonymous

    I quite like it too, but I’m also not a fan of walking into pantry to get into house, seems wrong! But love the bedroom bathroom set ups. Pity we’re not building I’d love to downsize now. Empty nesters…

  • Anonymous

    Love it, as long as I don’t have to clean all of the bathrooms. Wouldn’t change a thing on the plan.

  • Kate

    I absolutely LOVE this one!! Not much I’d change 🙂

  • Joyceann Gray

    There’s no curb appeal! No porch to sit on! Won’t the car fumes make their way into the home/kitchen?

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