Floor Plan Friday: BIG double storey with 5 bedrooms

Hi there! Today I found another double storey home. This one is for a normal residential block, but it’s pretty big with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Click on the image to see it larger.


The reason I like this one is for the double frontage. I like homes which have windows either side of the front door. That’s just me though! Plus I like the sitting room upstairs with the double work space.

I could imagine this home to be quite nice when you open the front door because the VOID and stair area would really open up the space. It wouldn’t feel like a boxed in double storey home, but rather a spacious and luxurious home.

Go here to see more variations on the plan as there some smaller styles too.

Plus here are some more floor plans I like.

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  • Jessica Hutcheson says:

    Love floor plan Friday!

  • Aimee McIntyre says:

    Wow that’s huge! But love it!

  • Rosina says:

    I love this, but how can i get the same in 16.5 metres wide frontage land?