Floor Plan Friday: Activity room adjoins bedroom wing

I think this plan ticks a lot of boxes! I would definitely say yes to this one. I like the separation of the bedrooms. That is, the kids would be up the back with their own space and the parents down the front with their own sitting room.

I love the kitchen on the back wall – you could do that fancy window as a splashback with a garden wall on the fence. The alfresco area is a perfect size for entertaining. I am a big fan of having a table and a couch outside.

There’s heaps of storage with some in the garage, a walk-in-linen and extra in the scullery. If you didn’t like walking in to the scullery from the garage, you could add a second door near the storage in to the entry.

I’d probably also put a little e-nook on the end of the kitchen where is says recess. That would save having a big study area and work well for checking emails and paying bills. It would look great integrated with your kitchen cabinetry.

Ok, when can I have this plan?? 😉

I found the plan here.

What do you think about this one?

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Happy Friday ♥ KC.

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  • Caroline says:

    Yeah there is lots to like with this one.
    The bit I’m not so convinced on is the 2 way bathroom serving 3 bedrooms. Maybe it would work but I see lots of potential for slammed/banging doors.

  • Narelle Howell says:

    Oh I really like this one. A few mods would make it perfect for us.

  • Charice says:

    Great floor plan, the Master is very functional and I love the Scullery! Thx Katrina