Floor Plan Friday: 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 car garage

This plan is definitely suited to the large family. ME! Boys up the back and nowhere near me at night (Fortnite!) 😉 Love it.

We have a 3 car garage and don’t think I could ever be without that now. It’s so good for storage.

The guest suite would be great if you had visitors from time to time. Or you could probably put the laundry there and make the kitchen larger.

North would need to be on the Alfresco side so the good sun would come in through the dining/living during the day.

I love the study nook and home theatre. It’s tucked away nicely in its own ‘wing’.

What do you think about this floor plan?

The original source is from HERE.

If you love house designs like I do I have more over here.

Plus I can give you a hand with your own floor plans in my services list over here.

Happy Friday ♥ KC


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