Floor Plan Friday: 5 bedroom, luxury with wings


Hi there! I know this plan is a little over the top today but in my search for a floor plan I feel like I’ve seen just about every plan known to man on the internet. I wanted something different today and while I know this house needs a hefty budget we can all dream can’t we?? I would be in heaven if this was my house! You need to click over to the builder here and see all of the finished photos because just looking at the plan here doesn’t even explain how awesome this house is.

You’d need a big block of land, but this would suit my family down to a tee. The games room on the back was a big YES. Plus all their bedrooms would be right away from me in their own wing.

Ok, I’m off to buy every lotto ticket available this week!

I have a stack more floor plans here too if you want to trawl over those. Speaking of which, have you seen any decent floor plans?? I have been putting together Floor Plan Friday for a few years now and each week it takes me longer and longer to find plans to show you because everything is same-same!! Help me out if you can 🙂

♥ KC.


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