Floor Plan Friday: 5 bedroom, activity, games, scullery

Looking for a 5 bedroom floor plan? Well this one might suit!

You’ve got 4 bedrooms close together on the back of the home which share a bathroom and an activity room. I’d be looking at making that bathroom bigger though with a double vanity and larger shower.

There’s quite a lot of living space in the home which is good. The games on the front near the master would probably not be used at night time if adults are sleeping, but there’s plenty of other places to hang out.

I’m not sure about just the HERS wardrobe. Haha! So clearly HE gets nothing? Maybe a locker in the garage would be ok? 😉

The laundry/kitchen/scullery is good – I do like that.

What do you think about this plan?

There is no original source for this one sorry, because I found it on Pinterest with no links.

I have so many other floor plans over here you might like to look through.

♥ KC.

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