Floor Plan Friday: 4 bedroom with a loft!

I’m back in 2017 with another round of Floor Plan Friday posts to share with you! If you’re new here then for the last few years I have been adding a floor plan from my travels around the internet to my blog. Usually I critique it, or just say how awesome it is. So if you’re on the hunt for a floor plan then you’ll get lost in this category. I have heaps!

This plan boasts a very cool loft area. Sometimes I need to add the facade to the post so you can get a visual of how the plan will come together. I couldn’t download a bigger plan from this website so sorry about that. BUT, I see that if you contact the company they may send it to you in a larger form.

Check it out…


The frontage, for me, is perfect. I have a real thing about the entry being in the middle and equal windows/rooms either side. I might need a bigger pantry (3 boys!) though. The loft is fantastic – an additional rumpus room with computer area for the kids. The toilet is in the laundry though??

What do you think of this plan?

Here‘s where I found it.

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I have styling services too if you need a hand sorting through your own house build.

♥ KC.


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