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Floor Plan Friday: 4 bedroom, rumpus & contemporary courtyard

I found this plan on a US site. Yes, it’s probably not your standard Australian house plan, but I’ve been seeing the central courtyard pop up lots recently. This home would be a real statement! I also am a big fan of the high windows (north would be best!) and skillion roof-line. Love that modern twist.

So…. check it out…

I know people will say it’s a rabbit warren and that’s cool, but I love how it’s quite segregated. The garage is cleverly hidden, so it looks like the front of the home, but in fact it’s just some clever windows and bricks.

The back half of the house is the main living and kitchen with the master bedroom. The front wing has some bedrooms and a rumpus.

The pantry would need changing but there is so much storage throughout the entire home.

If you love indoor/outdoor living then this one is for you! Anyway, something a little different for you today 🙂

I found the plan here.

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♥ KC.


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    The BlackSheep

    January 7, 2018

    I love (LOVE!) this plan for a couple of reasons. ONE: When you enter the house, you come into an entertainment space: The Family Room (you don’t walk / enter into the kitchen [ugh! I hate those floor plans]). ALSO…I like how there is a separation — with the parlor — between the “entertainment areas” of the house and the master bedroom. I always think, “If I have company and they stay up later than me…I don’t want to hear TV, voices, etc. when i go to bed!” I think this is a great plan because of the way the PARLOR sits. Thank you! – the BlackSheep in ATLANTA