Floor Plan Friday: 4 bedroom, activity, study nook, separate Alfresco

4 bedroom floor plan


I couldn’t find the original source for this plan, sorry about that. So it’s a little small in size. I found it when searching around on google images. I like this one though. It’s a bit different with the noticeable separate alfresco. I’d love to see how that looks in real life. I would you pave the area between the verandah and the alfresco, or grass it? Or you could even put a row of steppers.

The house is a very good size with large bedrooms, the little home office, plus the activity and study area for the kids. They have their own toilet down that end too. You can lock the kids down one end with this plan!

I really like the access through the laundry, the WIL and then the pantry is still behind the kitchen too.

What do you think about this plan?

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♥ KC.


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