Family friendly living rooms

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Family friendly living rooms


I’ve been spending way too much time in my own house. Well, it’s school holidays and we’re home a lot. Especially when it’s stinking hot! So I have been looking on Pinterest to get inspired on how I could jazz up one of my living rooms. It’s the room off my kitchen and the one where we sit the most. It’s a dark area too (which is one of my building regrets!). I have on the list of wishes a skylight to go in to this room. But for now, I shall look to the internet for inspiration. 🙂

Today I thought I’d share some photos I found of family friendly living rooms and give you some tips on how to design/style your own room…


  • Think about how you use the room. Is it for watching tv/eating/reading?
  • Consider couch colour/fabric.
  • Don’t wait until your kids grow up and leave home before you decorate. Do it now, just make sure your choices suit its purpose. I think it’s good for kids to grow up with nice things around them. It teaches them to appreciate it and look after it. I have 3 boys and I love my homewares. They’ve grown up with ‘stuff’ and they are pretty good at looking after it.
  • Go with pieces that might be rustic or shabby looking if you’re worried about wear and tear. This way it blends in purposely (if you know what I mean!). It’s no good having a glass coffee table if the kids will smudge it. Choose one with a rough, sanded look instead.
  • Still use colour. Mix up the cushions.
  • Use a large floor rug (it can be easily cleaned).
  • Create storage for the kids stuff. I built 2 cupboards either side of the tv in one of my living rooms. That’s where we throw all the xbox games and lego etc.



I like the big comfy couch, the lighter colour and the big window to let light in. This would be suited to less messy kids because it’s very light, but such a cool place to hang out in.



This room is lots of fun. A dark couch to hide any stains, lots of lights and good storage.



The leather sofa and natural elements are a winner here.



You must check out the full makeover of this room above. It’s got some great ideas. While I think the room is overcrowded, I do like the couch, gallery wall and storage.



This room is definitely kid/family friendly! Bean bags, ottomans, cushions… perfect place to chill. And looks good too.



Here’s a room which is stylish, but still practical. The couch is a good colour, lots of comfy cushions and the artwork is a DIY project.




The two photos above are of Simone’s house from Honey and Fizz. The top one is a more recent photo and the bottom one is before she made some changes to her flooring. Anyway, it’s still a great space. Light and bright and has great storage. The white couch is leather so she can wipe any stains easily. She has 3 boys like I do (and inside animals!). So while you want things to look good, you also have to be realistic about the room’s purpose.



The room above uses the space well and there is plenty of space for the kids to crash that couch. I would change the floor rug and ottoman/coffee table though. It’s cheerful, yet it’s a relaxed room and suits family living.

So there we go… a few photos to inspire you if you’re looking to makeover you space. First think about the couch colour and size, then I’d think about a floor rug followed by storage. The rest can just flow with colours (cushions, artwork, feature chair or coffee table).

Are you looking to makeover your own family living area? What are some key elements you might change?

Last month I made over my front lounge room. You can see that here.

♥ KC.

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  1. Perfect timing that this popped up – we’re looking for a new couch! Need something kid and dog friendly. But want our family room to look stylish as well. Not look like a kindy room that adults occasionally visit.

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