Escape Travel Family Blogger?


A few weeks ago I was alerted to competition on Facebook where Escape Travel was searching for a blogger to take a few family holidays and write about it. It looked pretty good and very exciting, so one afternoon I decided to enter… It didn’t take me long to come up with the answers… it was really easy writing about my family and why I like (and sometimes don’t like!) going on holidays with them. 🙂

I had kept it in the back of my mind (and secretly hoped) but hadn’t mentioned it to my family. Then BOOM, a phone call came and I had made the short-list. Oh wow, I was really happy! Apparently my entry and my social media presence caught their eye. That was pretty cool. At least I thought for a minute that all this internet stuff I do was paying off!

So now I am dreaming of a serious holiday and could pack my bags already… just joking! Although, my little people and husband are pretty pumped and have dreamed up all their holiday destinations already! Ha!

I am off to Sydney next week to attend the event where Escape Travel will announce their ‘travel blogger’. I have my fingers crossed it’s me, but I know the competition is pretty fierce – I know some of the other contestants and their blogs + writing skills are very good!

So anyway, wish me luck? Check me out on Twitter and Instagram next Friday… you never know!


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