doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) and WHY you should use it

So, you’ve joined doTERRA? And you keep hearing people talk about LRP and special deals you can only get when you’re on LRP??

Today I thought I might explain this for you.

What is LRP?

It’s the free oils program – or the LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program).

How do I use it and why it’s the most intelligent way to buy??

Who should use it? So many of use are paying more for our doTERRA products and that’s not needed!

It’s my job to let you know why this is the best way to buy so you are getting the most value and you aren’t paying more for your natural products than necessary.

Why do you need to keep buying dōTERRA products? Well apart from the fact they actually work, you don’t build up a resistance to them, and they metabolise after about 6 hours, therefore, to get the full benefits you have to use them daily.

Purchasing your oils and natural products through the LRP program is the most intelligent way to buy.

No hidden rules, easy to cancel – no monthly minimums (unless you’re building a personal business with doTERRA like myself).

The Loyalty Rewards Program

It’s free product credits given to you for purchases made whilst on the Loyalty Rewards Program. The longer you participate the more credits you can earn. In fact, all the way up to 30% of your monthly Loyalty Rewards purchases.

OK, so you already have a wholesale account?? Most likely, because you’re reading this and you’ve already signed up (if not, get started here)! Remember your wholesale account ALREADY gave you 25% off retail pricing. So already you’re winning. But there’s a way to get MORE discounts and extra free product.

LRP works on a sliding scale. Set it up today and you’ll start receiving 10% of your purchases BACK in credits. BUT in 7 months’ time you could be getting another 25% of your purchases BACK, then 13+ you’ll be getting another 30% back in credits. AMAZING!

With LRP you can redeem these credits to buy product. In your dashboard you can view your LRP points.

Now let me talk about when to ship your LRP and why and then I’ll tell you how I use LRP.

You can get your LRP order to ship any time between 2nd-28th of the month, however, there are better bonuses if you ship in the first part of the month – that is before the 15th of the month.

Sooooo when you’re ordering each month you can see next to each item in your shopping cart a thing called PV. That means each product has a POINTS VALUE listed against it. Every order you place over 125PV will qualify you for the FREE product of the month. That might be a free lemongrass, a free aromatouch, a free lavender. It must ship out between 2nd-15th month. That’s about $30-50 free for spending around $150 per month with doTERRA. BUT I want you to remember this is NOT compulsory every month. It’s a bonus, but not compulsory to spend this amount every single month. The aim of the LRP is that the more you spend, the more you are rewarded, that’s all. Stick with me – I do explain more.

What is compulsory though – is that you do commit to buy at least ONE thing every month while you’re on the Loyalty Rewards Program. You might buy one thing this month, but then decide next month hey I like that freebie, so I am going to buy a few extra things (stock up on cleaning and personal care products, or the LLV supplements) and then get that monthly free product.

Why LRP valuable to YOU?

You are not locked in. You can cancel this at any time by phoning head office. So easy. But the products are incredible. People buy them again and again and again, because they WORK! So it’s not hard to find things to buy each month! I just want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your account and when you commit to making yourself and your family feel better, sleep better, use less toxins or whatever, then getting your products at a discount or even for FREE is the best way to go.

Hopefully you’re using the oils you have now! You’re also probably ditching products you used to use. Fragrances, cleaning products, less important functional medical. When you start to use oils every single day you will start to see the differences.

My experience and LRP

I use about 4 oils every single day on rotation. Plus I am big on low-tox cleaning. And you can see that products all have varied price ranges. There are ALSO some products I needed every month – like the deodorant (no more aluminium under my armpits and in to my thyroid gland), shampoo and conditioner, washing liquid and the AWESOME concentrate cleaner. I also take the LLV supplements daily. These are a few things I cannot do without each month. So each month I ship out the things I need to have. These are items I was already buying anyway at the supermarket.

And by doing this monthly I am collecting points just by buying the things I need.

I also get rewarded with that free product of the month!

What do I do with the points I’ve gathered along the way?? I write a wishlist! These are usually items with a higher price tag, or things I want to try out. THEN I get those for free!

I want to reiterate – Just put in your LRP order each month what you NEED and what you can financially afford THAT month. One month it might be one thing. The next month it could be more.

I don’t want you to feel stressed that you are locked in to HUGE spends each month.

Have you created a whistlist list yet?? What oils would you LOVE in your collection?

Write two lists – the needs and the wants.

Don’t forget each month to change your LRP order to suit what you NEED and what you can afford. Then use your points to get wishlist items.

It’s that simple!

So, head to your doTERRA dashboard today and set-up your LRP template and start collecting points a free product.

♥ KC.

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  • myxt2nv says:

    Hi Katrina, I was hoping you could help me with the purchase of a doTERRA wooden storage box. I can’t seem to locate one. Thanks. Kind regards, Dale x

    • Katrina says:

      Hi, it’s from the US store or try ebay. xx