Door dramas…

Before I show you the doors, I just thought I would show you the cutest House Number I got. Love it. Obviously we will be number 5!

This door above is what I must have (in white of course). I have double entry doors and think they would look fabulous. They are soooo expensive though because of the wrought iron in the glass. What do you think? Or… do any of the doors below look better? All of them will have to be white and the glass will be plain.


Katrina x


  • Sarah

    I say go for the top ones, yes proberly waaay more expensive but the overall look will be stunning, if you settle for second best you may never really be happy with your choice.
    Ohhh picture one shut & the other open just far enough for you to wonder what is on the other side….

  • Danielle

    I love the first door you picked out and also the 2nd white door below that one (with the window panel high and little timber detailing under it but this would depend on the style of house you were building.
    I also have that exact same house number set!!

  • Ele at abitofpinkheaven

    I love all of them, except second from the bottom. All of them would make a wonderful statement.

  • Gail McCormack

    Katrina I liked the one second from the bottom, I love the oval shape surrounded by a rectangle. I liked all of them really, but thought maybe too much detail may look a bit overdone if you're having double doors?

    Maybe fiddle around in photo shop so you can see how the two will look together, let us know what you decide

  • Sue

    I love the top one, but maybe two doors might be a bit much, so my second choice would be the 3rd one, as a set, not too tizzy, and some privacy.Though it depends on the style of your home. Your house is coming together nicely, not without problems I bet! Im sure you will keep them on their toes!


    Really like the ceramic door number with it's wood frame. I haven't come across this one before, it reminds me a bit of the french blue and white enamelled house signs but the colours are reversed.

  • Alison

    Hey Katrina I have that same house number except mine is 6!!LOL

  • The Rose Room

    Love it! Rachaelxo

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