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Do you see consecutive or repeated numbers on the ...

Do you see consecutive or repeated numbers on the clock?

Do you see consecutive or repeated numbers on the clock? Like 5.55 or 11.11 or 12.34? I do! At LEAST three times a day. It’s really increased in the past few months. In my own mind I know WHY I keep seeing them and today I thought I’d share the basics behind why this happens.

11:11 on a clock is an auspicious sign and it also signals a spirit presence. So if you see this one you need to pause for a moment!


I believe this to be a beautiful message from the Universe. It’s a sign that you’re in the flow. You’re right where you need to be and everything is unfolding as it should be.


I take the numbers to be a GOOD thing. It makes me stop and take a second to acknowledge this is where I am supposed to be.

I also think it’s important to nod your head and say in your head “thank you”. It’s a time to recognise that you do have angels guiding and looking after you.

I don’t like doing ‘grateful journals’ or ‘writing down what you’re grateful for’. It’s just not my gig. But I DO appreciate the little nods from the Universe ie. seeing the numbers on the clock. I can also see them on receipts, or the digital fuel gauge.

When I see them I feel an instant gratification and then I am happy to keep going on with my day.

In the past few months they have really amped up for me. I am taking this to mean that something is saying YES, keep going, keep going. And so I do!

Do you see the numbers all time? A few weeks ago I saw 3.33 every single day for about 10 days in a row. It was crazy. I would yell to my kids to look at the clock because I wanted someone to believe me.

So if you see them today or tomorrow, just stop, take a breath, say thanks and notice that there is something out there guiding you. They WILL put you on the right path. X

♥ KC.


  1. Ness

    1 August

    I get this ALL the time, number 1’s. A long time ago I had two different people tell me the name of a grandparent that is with me. I say a little thank you whenever I see them too. Now, I wonder if it’s my mum too xx

  2. Mel

    3 August

    I always see 11.11 and believe it to mean something. I also randomly (or not) have bees show up and land on me or just sit right in front of me . My name is Melissa which mean ‘honey bee ‘ so to me they are my spirit animal. I’m never afraid they will sting me. The last one to appear a few weeks ago (while I was on boat in the middle of a lake) I gave a gentle little pat to 😊 I also try to stop, soak in the moment of whatever I’m doing and know the Universe is watching and asking ‘what is it you need right now ?’

  3. Mardi

    3 August

    Yes I get the same …. very often 333 or 11.11 … I love them…its a little sign I’m on track…and I always feel its a little nod from a Grandparent up above.

  4. sharon

    5 August

    Me too it’s 11.11 on clocks on receipts the microwave car number plates …. several times a day … i too give a little nod to my family in spirit when i see theses numbers it’s very comforting . Check out Sarah Yip the numbers queen for loads of information 😇

  5. Angela

    8 August

    I too see these numbers on a regular basis, mainly 1.11 or 3.33. I have always wondered if they meant anything but have been too freaked out to google in case it was a bad omen. It’s comforting to know someone is there looking out for me.

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