Do you have a list of things you need to finish or get done around your house?

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What’s your current DIY project? Do you have a list of things you need to finish or get done around your house? It’s always the way isn’t it!? We see things which need fixing, updating and modifying but sometimes we put them off for so long that we stop “seeing” them after a while. I have some taps in my bathroom which need a serious change (they are too small for the sinks!), but I never get around to purchasing new ones and getting them changed over. I also need an outdoor light near my clothesline and bin area, but that’s another job I keep putting off. After a while you tend to get used to not having these things!

Yellow Pages is all about helping YOU to ‘get there’. As you may know, items on our to-do-list tend to get longer before we actually tick any off. Yellow Pages want to help every day Australians to get from ‘to-do’ to done and remind you about how great we feel when we tick off items that have been on the list for ages.
Whether it’s home-reno dreamers wanting to put plans together with the help of a professional, fixing a leaking tap or helping you to build that perfect water feature you’ve been dreaming of – Yellow Pages Online have every type of tradie listed to help them to get there.

Why do we put things off for days, weeks and even months at a time?

Yellow Pages recently conducted a study to uncover interesting stats and facts around the common behaviours towards executing big and small home projects – with a focus on why we put things off. Today I thought I’d share a few of those with you and then give you a few tips on how you can overcome these obstacles…

  • The study of over 1000 Aussies showed people are adding more home projects to the list because of renovation show ‘home-inspo’, which is raising people’s standards (49%) and making trends in home and improvement more elaborate (39%)
  • Also, Aussie homeowners feel a sense of achievement (97%) and enjoyment (83%) when they tick off items on their to-do-list. Yellow Pages services and tools connect around 1 in 8 Australians every week, with over 8 million visits made to Yellow Pages online each month.
  • Alarmingly, the survey found three-quarters of homeowners are planning to renovate within the next two years, but won’t call in the experts because they believe tradies are too expensive.

How do we overcome those obstacles?

Know your capabilities. Remember, TV ‘reno’ shows have experts on hand to guide them. Anything that involves electrical work, plumbing, asbestos, window repairs, roof repairs and tree removal – needs a tradie. Do not try it at home

Set a budget. Knowing your limits is crucial – sometimes DIY-ing can cost you more in equipment, time and repairs than if you used a good tradie 

Work-smart and write a list of your jobs that outlines exactly which tradie needs to do what

Write a clear brief and expectations – once you know what you need to do, they will too

Get quotes from at least three local tradies with good reviews – price isn’t everything.

Yellow Pages are giving 4 lucky winners $20K each to complete an improvement project of their choice using services and products found on the website. What an amazing prize, this would be so handy! [competition now closed with winners announced on YP Facebook]


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