DIY: Turn a scarf in to a cushion

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DIY: Turn a scarf in to a cushion

Yesterday I turned 3 scarves in to cushions in about 20 minutes. I’ve been having what I call “cushion rage” lately… I hated everything I saw in the shops, I hated what I already owned and if I did see one I liked I was not spending $65.

Soooooo I decided to do a DIY!

I cannot take credit for this idea because my lovely friend @that_coloured_door_69 did this during the week and I was inspired to do my own. ❤ They are called #snooshions because they are made from snoods (you know – a scarf/hood). So there’s a mashed up word! A scarf, hood, cushion!

Anyway, they were so easy! I grabbed a couple of $7 snoods from Kmart, some wool and $5 oblong cushions from Spotlight. Here’s the video to show how easy they were. I’m rapt with how they turned out. Cheap and quick to do.

The video is over on my Instagram if you can’t see it for some reason here.

Happy DIY-ing! ♥ KC.

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