DIY plantation shutter

You know I love a plantation shutter! I have them all through my home. But I never got around to putting one in my ensuite. It just wasn’t a priority at the time, but recently ISeekBlinds sent me a PVC plantation shutter and I thought I’d make a quick video to show you how easy it is to DIY their shutters.

The best thing about ISeekBlinds is that you save $$ by installing them yourself. I’ve chatted about them lots on my blog before. You just measure the window space, send in your order and your shutter will arrive in no time.

Here is the window. It’s a long one, and frosted so it didn’t bother me without a shutter, but now it has one I can’t believe I left it off. It looks so great!

If you watched the video above you’ll see how easy the process is. Tap the frame together…

Drill the frame to your architrave…

Place the shutter in the space and drop the pins in…

Add some no more gaps around the edges. Wait a day for it to dry and then you can use your shutter. This project took us 15-20 minutes!

You’re probably wondering why I went for the PVC? Well they are better suited to the wet areas. I have the Basswood in other rooms in my house, but they look NO different to me at all. Each blade in the PVC is reinforced with an Aluminium core to ensure this durable material won’t warp, crack, peel or fade. They are resistant to moisture and humidity. The Basswood has a slight grain finish.

Check out all your options on the iseekblinds website today!

♥ KC.

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  • Anne says:

    Do the shutter show much light around them. Or is the room reasonably dark. Thanks

    • Katrina says:

      No light around them, but they aren’t full blockout so some light does get in through the slats.

  • Chrissie Taylor says:

    We just had our first lot of shutters installed today!! Omg I’m in love!!!!

    • Katrina Chambers says:


    • Kelly Harris says:

      Chrissie Taylor I bet they look amazing
      I still admire my front windows 4 years after putting them in lol

    • Chrissie Taylor says:

      Kelly Harris we’ve only done entrance ATM.. I need to save for three more windows I love them SO much I think I might sleep in my entry

  • Chrissie Taylor says:

    Katrina, I’d love to finish my home in shutters but my husband is worried if we are a mm out here or there that they won’t fit or that we can’t return? Can you tell me, if you do happen to be a mm out do they still fit ok?