DIY pallet table with hairpin legs

I just had this urge to whip up something with a pallet and some hairpin legs over the weekend (well my husband and eldest child did haha!). I am lucky that the two of them love a project so they never say no. 😉

I’d been given these black legs from Australian Hairpin Legs many many moons ago and had never got around to using them. I knew this would be the perfect project. And very easy!!

Ok, so I also have this awesome little tool from Bosch. It’s a hand-held circular saw. It’s probably the most handiest thing we’ve ever owned. I mean, usually you have to use a proper drop-saw or a hand saw and ain’t nobody got time for those. So out came the hand-held fella.  It’s rechargeable, cuts precisely, and even does 45 degree mitre cuts. Superb! We’ve been using it for lots of little projects recently.

This is how we pulled it all together…

We chopped the pallet in half with the hand-held circular saw. It just cuts through the timber easily.

So I was left with half a pallet and wanted to fill the gaps with pieces we knocked off the other half. See below…

You just need a hammer and some fierce hitting action to get old pieces off. But they were a little too wide to fill the gaps, so we roughly measured, and used the Bosch saw to ‘rip’ the piece down.

We used the old nails from the discarded piece to hammer the new strips in to the gaps.

We flipped it over and drilled the legs on to the base That’s my beautiful 15 year old boy there doing that job. He won’t let me show his face haha (precious!).

Here it is! So it can be used as a coffee table, or a little side piece like I have below…

If you feel like a new coffee table or side console, then gather up a free pallet, some hairpin legs from here and buy that Bosch hand-held circular saw from Bunnings (it’s only $79 plus battery).

Happy DIY-ing. ♥KC.


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    Angela Tamme

    April 10, 2017

    Clever lady! Hubby & I were planning a similar DIY yesterday & now you’ve made it even easier. Thank u

  2. Reply


    April 10, 2017

    Very cute! Love those hair pin legs 🙂

  3. Reply

    Jason Snook

    April 11, 2017

    Very Nice Creation
    thanks for sharing

  4. Reply

    David Taylor

    April 26, 2017

    where do you get the hairpin legs from ??