DIY: Painting Terracotta Garden Pots With White Knight Paints

Brought to you by White Knight Paints.

How’s your garden area looking at this time of the year? Mine was in need of some texture and colour and I decided the easiest way to jazz up my outdoor space was to paint some cheap terracotta pots with some spray paint from White Knight Paints. I didn’t have to spend a lot of money to inject some new life in-to a corner of my back verandah and this project was so easy and quick to do.

I popped to my local hardware store and chose 3 different sized pots. I wanted to paint them roughly with tones of white, grey and black.


I bought a few different heights in plants. And I have a succulent garden at home so I knew I could pull some out of that to put in a pot…


I gathered a couple of colours from the White Knight Paints range. I ended up using the undercoat, Riverstone and Black for this project. You can check out the full range of colours here. Squirts is a quick drying, hard wearing enamel spray paint and was ideal for these pots.


Here’s a short video on how it all went down!

First I sprayed all the pots in an undercoat white.

Then I went over them all with Rivertsone (it’s a light grey/tan colour). It does look white in these photos, but they are a little more stone looking in real life…


With this pot below I roughly sprayed just the base in black, and roughed it up with a paint brush followed by the eletric sander – just to give it a rougher feel.



I decided to tape up a section across the bottom of this pot…


I really roughed them up with the sander. I wanted them to not be perfect so I wasn’t fussy with the spraying and coverage. I wanted them to age in the weather outside too.

And… here they are…






White Knight Paints have also produced a video series called #WhiteKnightRevive which includes bathroom and kitchen refreshes, a deck rescue, a chair makeover, concrete porch and Colorbond fence refreshes, a bathtub transformed into a loveseat, a drum turned desk, and a bookcase turned in to a dollhouse. The videos can be viewed on the White Knight YouTube page and the accompanying step-by-step tutorials can be downloaded at Check out this fence video below! Amazing!


Have you got a pot laying around which could do with a spray paint to give it some new life?

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