DIY Macrame Wall Hanging | Video Tutorials

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DIY Macrame Wall Hanging | Video Tutorials

Macrame is still big! Actually, do you think it’s getting BIGGER? The huge retail stores are even selling them. And tutorials are ALL over the place. Did you want to make one yourself? They are pretty cheap to do, and once you’ve mastered a few knot skills you can make them bigger and better. I went looking on Pinterest for some inspiration and it was really hard to following a tutorial with just images and text. I then found a video which made me realise this is much easier to follow. You can pause and go along with the steps while you make your own. So today I collated 8 videos which I thought looked good and were easy to follow…

I did a quick search on Amazon and you can purchase cheap cords, twine and string to help you on your way….

Do you think you’ll give one a go? I have my eye on the one with the feathers. How gorgeous! ♥ KC.

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  1. Oh my, I’m obsessed! Wondering if there was any classes in Wagga, maybe we just need a get together and some tutorials. Any suggestions for supplies? I’ve found a couple but am scared to outlay the $

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