DIY freestanding framed mirror

Hi there! I know I’ve mentioned this mirror a few times and finally I got a chance to get all the photos together… oh boy it’s hard to take photos of a mirror (I am not good at taking photos full stop!)…

So this is what we made… a freestanding mirror with a frame around it. It’s HUGE! Reaching 2.2m.

I’ve wanted to do this for a while, so during the Christmas break I started my hunt for a piece of mirror. And that wasn’t easy here in Wagga! Bunnings/Masters didn’t have the size I wanted (it had to stand on the floor and be taller than me) and I really didn’t want to have a piece cut especially due to the cost.

I decided to put a call out on the Wagga Buy Swap Sell Facebook page to see if anyone had a piece of mirror taller than 1.8m. Within 20 minutes someone had answered! YAY! A guy had an old mirrored wardrobe door and only wanted $20 for it. BONUS! Husband and I jumped in the ute and had it back here within minutes 🙂


It was heavy and fragile and we started ripping off all the leftover wardrobe pieces. The mirror ending up being 2.4m tall and with a frame it would be TOO big, so we had to cut it down a bit. I wanted it to be big, but it also had to fit in the house!



We bought a tiny mirror/tile scorer and went about cutting the mirror. This was the hardest and worst part of the job. It wasn’t easy! It was nerve wracking and it didn’t break evenly towards the end, but we could cover it with the frame. I think, if you were going to do this yourself, just take it to get cut properly, or use a piece that won’t need cutting!


I bought 4 pieces of raw timber. It’s the kind you use for a stained skirting board. It was a little more expensive than regular white pre-painted skirting boards. All up I spent about $80 on the frame. Husband cut them to size…


Then we glued the frame in the corners and to be safe we also added 2 L-brackets on EACH corner. I didn’t want the frame to give way!


Next we glued the ENTIRE piece of the mirror to the frame. So we flipped it over and ran some really heavy duty glue around the edges. We stacked things all over the top of the frame to hold the weight down and left it to dry for about 2 days! No way was that mirror going to come off the frame now!

Now it was done and time to putty up a bit of the corner, clean it and prop it up in the house!

And here it is… in a corner (did I even tell you how much I HATE decorating corners?). Boy it was hard to photograph! The mirror looks huge and amazing in this space. It reflects some great parts of my living area. It’s not quite to the ceiling but it’s over the normal door heights (and it’s heavy!). It won’t fall or move. It’s propped within the corner neatly and on a lean.

There you have it – another DIY project!

Do you think you’ll give it a go?


  • Felicity Bezer

    It looks terrific!
    Thanks for sharing this, I have a lovely frameless mirror that used to be my Grandparents propped against a wall in my bedroom. I’ve been wanting to add a skirting board frame and am more confident to try now – thanks for sharing xx

  • Tracey Bradshaw

    Looks great Katrina.

  • Chris Robinson

    This looks amazing Katrina. You do such a great job with all your projects and inspire us all. We don’t have anywhere to put a huge mirror but may give it a go on a smaller scale. Congrats, looks awesome.

    • Katrina Chambers

      Thanks lovely! Yes, go for it of you can @disqus_8kRBKyObt7:disqus

  • Melinda Price

    Once again you are my inspiration. Never thought of an old wardrobe glass to reuse. And I to am not willing to pay for the cost of buying new glass either. Thanks for the great tip. I’m hunting today for the wardrobe door . Lol. Can I ask where you got the “&”sign. I love it.

  • Karen Willems

    did you paint the frame before you glued the mirror in place ??

    • Katrina Chambers

      I did Karen, but I guess it would not make any difference 🙂

  • Melinda Price

    Thankyou Katrina .

  • Peta Howe

    Hi Katrina I just love the mirror!! You’ve now got me inspired to try one myself. I was just wondering the measurements of the actual mirror without the frame? I was also wondering how much of the mirror was actually stuck to the back of the frame to keep it secure?
    Cheers Peta

    • Katrina Chambers

      Hi Peta, well I started with the mirror first then made the frame around it. About half of the frame is attached to the mirror. The frame is beveled so I couldn’t attached the entire width of the frame. Hope that helps!

      • Peta Howe

        Thanks Katrina yes it does.
        Cheers Peta

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