DIY: Create Mother’s Day memories with inspirational quote cards

Brought to you by Officeworks.


Today I am going to show you how to make an easy and personalised Mother’s Day gift using your own photos, a business card holder and some printed text. It’s simple and cost less than $10 to create!



What you’ll need:

    • Photos – pop them on a USB stick or print straight from your phone using pictures saved to your Facebook or Instagram. Then head to Officeworks and use their easy Kodak Picture Kiosks in store. Within minutes you’ll have your photos. For this project I chose photos to be printed in polaroids (I did end up trimming them, but the white border is perfect around these photos).
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • Ruler
    • Business card display holder

Step 1:

I googled some nice Mother’s Day quotes and created them in a word document and printed out at home. If you don’t have a printer, put the document in with the photos you need printed and do it all at Officeworks.


 Step 2:

Trim and cut the photos and quotes so they fit back to back.


Step 3:

Simply glue the quote to the photo.

A great trick is to lay them under a few books for a couple of hours so they stay flat.


6 5

Step 4:

Now Mum can flip them around when she wants to look at a new photo each day, and as an added bonus she can read a lovely quote on the back of each one!


A great gift for Mum to pop on her bedside table, desk or a shelf around the house!

Why not create your own inspirational and memorable photo cards? There’s so much to love about this easy project and your Mum is sure to appreciate the effort taken to create such a meaningful gift.

Happy DIY-ing! ♥ KC.

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