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DIY abstract art (no paintbrushes required)

DIY abstract art (no paintbrushes required)


If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I got a bee in my bonnet over the weekend and was on a mission to do some DIY artwork. Well, it all started with a console table I bought from Aldi for $59… Nothing seemed to sit right with it, so instead of spending more money I decided to paint something myself. I didn’t spend a cent because I used what I already had at home, so if I didn’t end up liking the canvas, it didn’t really matter too much.

I had an old canvas in my garage and just rolled over some white paint to start fresh again. The surfaced ended up being quite textured which was good. It had a few layers of paint on it before I even started.

I have a storage room in my laundry and a few boxes with some paint. I grabbed some colours which I thought might match. I didn’t really have any rules, I knew I just wanted to start with black, blue, green and pink…

The first layer went on with a little sponge roller. I rinsed it out in between and wasn’t too worried if the edges of each paint colour overlapped.

I let that dry quite thoroughly. My 9 year old got out the hair-dryer and did it for me (I was too impatient to wait!). Actually, the hairdyer does make paint crackle a little so this was good. I was happy with that texture.

Then I grabbed a scraper. I had a couple of sizes in my storage room. I started putting sections of paint over the top and left lumps to dry.

I went back over any see-through sections with either the roller again or the scraper….

Then I decided to use a business card. You can use little pieces of cardboard or whatever. Pinterest showed me how to do this!!

Then I used some of the leftover paint on the business card to wipe around in other areas. I wasn’t fussy!

Lastly, I used some white paint with the card to soften all the colours, edges.


I dripped a couple of white spots here and there. Why not?! 😉

Here’s that console table from Aldi. Did you pick one up??

I had other artwork in this corner, but it was too wide for the space.

I did pop to Kmart and bought a couple of new vases. I spent about $35 there on Saturday morning. Then I rearranged everything and now I am happy with my new DIY abstract art. I might even do another for a different wall in my house! I know I have an extra canvas sitting my garage waiting for a makeover.

Have you done DIY art before? I wrote this post about a fortnight ago with some cool tutorials which I think got me fired up to make my own.

♥ KC.


  1. Looks fantastic! You pay big dollars for ones similar

  2. Top job!

  3. Aren’t you clever! Love it Katrina!

  4. Fantastic.

  5. Your painting looks professional and the colours are bang on!!! I want one!

  6. Love!!! Maybe I could send you a prepaid satchel for you to pop one in for me???

  7. Mel Corbett

    20 September

    That’s really nice K

  8. Sameera Morales

    5 February

    Wow! Looks so professional, its beautiful!
    What type of paint did you use and where do you purchase it from??
    Think I’m also going to give it a crack!

    • Katrina

      6 February

      just paints from a craft store 🙂

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