Did you know? More blogging tips

1. Mobile users spend 1.4 times as many hours using social networking sites than reading and responding to e-mail.

2. Your blog needs a theme or a style to get more people to stick around. Doesn’t have to be fancy, just well-kept.

3. Mobile blogging is becomming more popular as you no longer need to get photos from your camera to your pc and then onto your blog. Just send pictures and text straight from your mobile.

4. Good blogs have a voice and a purpose.

5. Good blogs have paragraphs.
6. Make an impression and give useful information.

7. Most of us don’t get paid to blog, but giving away useful information is what us human’s do. Would someone value your information more if they had to pay for it? If so, would the blogging craze come to an end?


  • Niki

    Hey K. What great tips.
    Glad your back blogging. Need to catch up on all my favourite blogs. Haven't had time lately. Now that the little sh..I mean darlings are back in school I might get a bit of time at last.
    Love to you & all your boys, Niki.

  • JANE

    Oh, Katrina, as a newbie blogger, I really appreciate your insights. I actually hang off every word! I have been reluctant to start a FB page (and abhor the very thought of Twitter – I don't have time with 3 children under 5). However, after 11 weeks of blogging, I now have 97 followers which is beyond my wildest dreams so I'm not sure whether to 'put myself more out there' by having a Planet Baby FB page (as opposed to my private FB page). I'd appreciate any thoughts you may have. J x

  • A Room For Everyone

    Hi Katrina, what a fantastic blog this is! I need someone like you to keep me organised and clued up when it comes to blogging! I just wish I had more time for your wonderful decorating forum. Every time I have a peek, I get stuck there for ages..Rachaelxx

  • Chantelle {fat mum slim}

    Great tips.

    As for your question… that's a great one to ponder. Money does change things… intentions, and mind-frame.

    Food for thought. Or Blog for thought. x

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