Crohns Disease Update

Just a quick post today. I’d thought I should update this part of my life because since writing about it on my blog I have found so many people with this horrible disease. Sharing helps raise awareness.

Here is me donating the $10,000 Amie and I won to Crohns and Colitis Australia. Read full story here.

Last time I wrote about it was here. I was starting a drug trial. Unfortunately after 4 weeks my condition had deteriorated even more and blood tests confirmed this. I either got the placebo or the drug just wasn’t for me (I won’t know which I received for 12 months!). So a decision was made to pull me off them. I was disappointed, but at the same time I really really really needed a good hit of steroids. This would fix a lot of problems short-term – arthritis, ulcers and lessen the amount of toilet visits. I gobbled them in to me starting 4 days before the auction and I felt a million bucks! Things were always going to improve on steroids. But they are only a short-term drug. They have side effects and long term issues eg. chalky bones, shaking, thirst, excessive hunger, red face and I don’t sleep. I have been on them about 4 weeks now and I am HATING them (but I feel generally well)….

So tomorrow I am off to St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne again to be reviewed. I am also taking 6-MP. This is a new drug for me (similar to Imuran). I am not sure how I will go with these either. They can take about 2 months to get in to your system. I’ve not had luck with Imuran so this is why I am not sure about the 6-MP.

I’ll let you know how my review goes…


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