Create succulent bowls

If you want something on your outdoor table which makes a statement, then a bowl full of succulents is a great place to start. They are so easy to create yourself. Anyone can do it.

Now, succulents won’t grow well inside. They are much more suited to outdoors. Here’s a blog post I wrote on how you water and care for succulents (because I have massive amounts of them!).

Check out these ideas for inspiration and how to put a bowl together yourself…

As you can see there are some amazing pieces!

How to

  • Outdoor pot – a low and wide shape is best. Kmart and Bunnings have some.
  • Good succulent potting mix.
  • A selection of different shapes and heights for succulents. You can buy from a nursery, pinch bits from people who already have them, scourer your local Facebook buy, swap, sell pages or grab a box from here (I’ve done this before!). The cheaper the better.
  • There’s no pattern you have to follow when planting. Just be gentle, make sure you put the roots as far as you can in the soil and fill every spot you can.
  • Fill gaps with white stones if you like.


Remember they do love sunshine and they will need to be watered often. Succulents don’t tend to last forever. They can get leggy and pale looking. If that’s the case, just take the offender out, re-home it in a bigger garden bed and it should come back to life.

I have a succulent garden around the side of my house where I pinch bits from to top up my bowls often.

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