A few weeks ago we were broken in to. Just in to our garage. I have a LOT of stuff in there as I am storing things I didn’t unpacked when we moved here while we build our new house.

The buggers took some stuff. Not important-can’t-live-without stuff, but still it was OUR stuff.

We’ve been trying to claim some of it on our contents insurance. We’ve always paid it and when we were broken in to I made my husband ring and double it, because I was frightened they’d come back.

Anyway, in the midst of trying to make some claims we’ve been having dramas with the insurance company (as you do).

It’s all about the receipts. They won’t pay anything without a receipt. I get it, I really do, but at the same time I’m annoyed.

I mean, how many of you keep receipts for EVERYTHING? And what if it was a gift? Well, there is no receipt there.

What if they took clothes, shoes, lamps, whatever… I don’t think we’d all have the receipts for everything!

Lucky the big ticket item we’re trying to claim has a receipt, but some other stuff doesn’t.

My question to you is (and to the insurance companies), if you get broken in to and you don’t have a receipt, then what will you do?

What if you’ve had that tv for 5 years and there is no receipt?

I have heard of people taking photos of each room in their house and printing them off with a date stamp on it.

Do you do this? Because I am seriously thinking about doing this.

I pay my insurance and would like to think that if I came home one day and my house was cleaned out that I’d be able to put a claim in and everything would be ok.

What do you do? I’d love to hear!