Compulsive Hoarders……

Heart racing, blooding pumping, sweats, twitches, nervousness…..
This is how I feel looking at these. Oh dear. I need to look away but I just can’t.
What on earth happened here?
I was watching a news program the other night and there was a special show on Compulsive Hoarders. I just couldn’t believe it. I know there are thousands of these homes out there. The reasons why/how this happens is really sad.
Boy, they seriously need ME in there culling that crap out!
I have been trying to upload some little videos I have of our crazy family life to youtube for everyone to laugh at us…but youtube takes sooooooo long! Maybe I will have something organised tomorrow.
Also I am still tweaking my office. My sister made a flying visit to quickly give her opinion this morning (she lives over an hour away but she was coming over anyway to see another friend). So hopefully I might get some photos of it up this week.


  • Gail McCormack

    Good Gracious!!
    Yes the photos made me feel agitated too

    Looking forward to seeing your Office

  • Sue

    Ok, you got me!! I told you not to take any photos!!I need you here!
    Truly, after seeing those, I feel I have it under control…mmm, not many would agree!

  • Anna

    Missing two things….kerosene..and a match!

  • A Very Fine House {and}

    That's it Anna!!!

  • Sarah

    What the!?!?!?!?
    I can stand a little mess, you know the sort that if you got into it, it would only take a couple of hours to sort out but this is revolting!
    Agreed, kerosene & a match PRONTO!

  • Amanda {My Life Badly Written}

    My clutter problem doesn't seem so bad now I have seen that!

    I think on the bio channel there is a new series called Hoarders – it's facinating!!

    Wish you lived in WA so you could come sort my stuff out – I am not ruthless enough I think!!!

  • Niki

    I get a heart palpitation looking at it.
    It seriously just makes me feel, well WEIRD.
    Honestly just grab a bag, one at a time & cull.
    Sweat is starting to bead on my forehead now.
    Especially as I just finised storing my Christmas decorations coloured coded & wrapped in tissue in specially design containers. Ha.

  • A-M

    Oh I watched a similar program (fleetingly) on Foxtel the other night. It made me feel physically sick. Illness strikes in all different ways doesn't it. A-M xx

  • MaryRC

    i made my kids watch a hoarder show, to get them to clean their rooms, it worked with my daughter who thinks she needs to save everything.. its crazy..

  • A Bite of Country Cupcakes

    I Say I am a horder and Hubby but nah just squashed into a too small house for 5

  • Tina

    Oh that is one of my biggest fears! So much so I probably go too far in the opposite direction, I love to cull, cull, cull!! Can't wait to see your office 🙂 – Tx

  • Janine Marshall

    Oh my,

    Is this considered an illness??? Seriously this is terrible, gives new meaning to putting everything in the spare room. In every one of those pictures you would have to start at the door and work your way in. What a horrible way to live. We all get a bit dis-organised sometimes but nothing like this.

    All the best Katrina


  • Lisa

    Just disgusting – I wonder if this homeowner realises he/she is that sick.

  • The Rose Room

    have seen something like that on Oprah and Dr Phil, and yes those people are actually sick, as in it is a type of condition!

    would be a BIG challenge Katrina!


  • shabbydreaming

    OMG!!!!!! I would SOOO love to get in there!! and tidy that up!!

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