Come and see MORE of Josh & Jenna’s reno + who do you want to see on The Block’s All Stars?

Remember last week I went to see Josh and Jenna and took these photos of their renovation in progress. Well, behind some of those door was all their furniture ready and waiting. In a matter of days they have turned these 4 photos below…


OH wow! Doesn’t it look great? They’ve still go a bit to do with skirting and the fireplace, but how cool is this looking! Jenna sent me these during the week and I couldn’t believe how busy they had been in a matter of 3 days! Now, I have no idea where any of the furniture came from, so maybe pop to their Facebook page and ask them, but if I can get hold of them today (they’re working and at Uni) I’ll add the details in to this post later.

All they have to do is get that spare room finished and then I can stay with them 😉

Ok, now on to more serious or maybe fun stuff…

Who do you want to see on this year’s All Stars?

Of course, you want to see Amie and I (cough)… so I will leave us out of the survey because that wouldn’t be fair to the other guys (wink wink).

How about I have my own survey below? Vote here on my page. It will be fun for me to see what my readers think…

Who should be on The Block’s All Stars? free polls 

Hope you have a great Friday. I’ve got lots on so I’ve got to fly! X


  • Rachel

    Of course you!! I haven’t been watching it but you are the reason I would.

    I love the makeover photos. Makes me want to redecorate. Rachel x

  • Scandi Coast Home

    Hi Katrina,
    You and Amie, Dale and Sophie, Brad and Lara and Rod and Tania.
    It was tough voting for just one ;o)
    Tania xx

  • Brismod

    The rug is cool. And I really like crumpled pendant light. Nice reno!

  • Deanne

    My Favourites from 2012 were Sophie and Dale- their style is very me!
    I loved you and Amie in ’11 and Chez and Brenton in ’10, I also think it would be fun to see Jamie and Andrew come back.
    I went to the site some months ago and voted for all my favourites!
    Are all the couples still together? – what if they got voted on and they don’t like each other anymore?

    Are Josh and Jenna renovating to sell or do they plan to live there?

    • Katrina (author)

      Good question Deanne – I have asked and don’t have a response!
      J & J are renovating to sell (eventually). They’ll live there for a while. 🙂

  • Patrick

    I only have see The Block 2011, so I go for Rod & Tania. Because I can’t vote on you and Amie.

  • Anna (My Design Ethos)

    I love the white floors and the kitchen design – looks like an unusual layout! Would love to see you on the show again Katrina – you were fab!! xx

    • Emily Woodhouse

      Yeah, quite unusual but nice!

    • Katrina (author)

      February it will be on tv 🙂

  • penny barns

    Josh and Jenna. Her style is all me!
    Of course you guys should get another shot for sure.
    Pen x
    Ps” waiting patently for an up date on Jennas decorating

  • Calico Child

    I only watched the block when you & Amie were on which was lots of recordings of the show due to busy running around with kids & there activitys. So this season I have been very bad & not recorded, bad I know will have to watch all stars though. 🙂

  • Anita

    Oh I could only vote for one!!!! That really made me think! U coulda done top 4 with u guys being the obvious choice for the 1st, I would trip out if u guys were on again it’d be like there’s my friend katina!!! Hahahaha no I’m not a stalker crazy person ur safe. I just love keeping up with ur life! Haha

    • Katrina (author)

      I fixed the POLL, you can now vote for more than one! Sorry! X

  • Sue

    It’s looking great wish they would come and do that at my house..and I love the rug..

  • Emily

    Three days?! I guess The Block experience of delivering quickly really does stay with you forever, doesn’t it? That looks great!

    And bring back Gav and Waz.

  • Michelle Hayward

    I voted for you and Amie!!! 🙂 Loving what Josh and Jenna have done with their place. It looks fantastic! 🙂 Great photos!!! x

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