Come and meet Kate from Kate.Lives.Here

Hi! Today I have a special guest post. Kate is one of my favourite Instagrammers and I stalked her for a bit asking if she’d like to guest post on my blog and here she is! 

Everyone say hi to Kate and check out her gorgeous home…

Hello there!! Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Kate and I am the creative behind Kate.Lives.Here. I currently live here on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful Queensland with my husband and my two furbabies Marli and Flynn.

Styling has always been in my blood. For as long as I can remember I have always watched my mum forever change my childhood house around. From different styles to renovations I have always watched or been a part of ongoing projects. From a young age I loved to change my room around. I would shut the door turn the music right up and move all the furniture around until I had it just the way I wanted it. (sometimes without anyone’s knowledge). Then it would be time for mums “approval”. Most of the time I would be given the tick of approval.




In 2014 we decided to build our very first home. I love, love, love taking photos so I decided to take a chance and start up an Instagram account. This began late 2014 under another name. Once we moved into our house early March 2015 (wow almost a year ago) my love of styling just grew and grew. I was so proud of the home we had built and I wanted to show it off. I decided to change the name over to something that was a little more “me”. BAM Kate.Lives.Here was born. I have never been a very confident person and I was petrified of putting my house out there in social media world (hence why you won’t really see photos of yours truly). The more I posted the more I became confident and I haven’t looked back!




So here we are today almost a year into living in our first home and so much as already changed. My style has evolved and my love for plants has multiplied. I’m very big on grey, white, black and natural timber finishes. My favourite rooms would have to be ALL of them! Well except the garage maybe! (haha). The main features of our house is our open plan living with the outdoor entertaining area located to the left hand side of the house opposed to the back of the house. I love the feel and energy it gives. Our bi-fold doors and picture window add extra light and a sense of a more open space. Perfect for the modern day entertainer. Another massive feature is the master bedroom and en suite. With a walk behind wardrobe and a niche as a feature above the bed this is the perfect little styling cove. I love changing things around so I wanted my niche to be a focal point and not a typical bed head or wall with shelves. Hanging pendants on either side acted as the perfect bedside lighting since we didn’t have the space for beside tables. Then we walk into the en suite which is Amazing! A double vanity, small hexagon tile splash back with light grey grout topped with a small Tasmanian oak shelf and large mirror. I love this look so much as its versatile to adapt with any style. We added in matte black fixtures and a small divider wall to hide the toilet.



As my following on Instagram has evolved I have found so many amazing small Australian businesses who supply some of the most amazing pieces. I love prints that I can just lean up against a wall put in my niche add to my laundry even. My favourite places to shop would have to be oh.eight.OH.NINE., Bespoke Moments, One Tiny Tribe and Toucan. I have also just found my love for quote boards which are made locally here on the Sunshine Coast by the talented Spoken Shop. My all time favorite go to stores would have to be Kmart and Bunnings! You can always always find a bargain! If I’m feeling a little more fancy free I like to hit up Freedom! I bought the most amazing matte black dinner set and it is to die for!

If you want to know more or are feeling a little stalkerish feel free to pop onto Instagram or Facebook say hi and hopefully get a little bit of inspiration.


Thanks Kate! Make sure you pop over and follow her. I love seeing Kate’s home come up in my feed – just gorgeous with practical and affordable ideas. ♥ KC.


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