Cleaning product of the week: Tri Nature Sphagnum Moss Disinfectant


I was given a bottle of Tri Nature Sphagnum Moss in Spearmint and Musk last year and I fell in love with it. This stuff is heavenly. The smell is what got me. It’s a powerful yet gentle disinfectant and I love spraying it on my kitchen benches. It’s streak-free and plant-based so even better. I also use it as a room spray sometimes because the smell is so good. I mist it around areas where my dogs have been laying.

You can buy refill bottles, so you don’t have to keep purchasing the pretty bottle. I get it from my lovely friends in Wagga at Eco Living & Gifts.

Have you tried this before? I always have a bottle under my sink!

Happy cleaning. ♥ KC.

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