The Chumps – The Block

So we are the chumps! We were really disappointed…
We probably had the smallest space to work with and I still think we did a better job than anyone else (except for J&J’s ensuite – awesome and they had a massive space!).
At this point in the competition Amie and I had totally lost our confidence. The only comments we got to hear from the judges were “eclectic and great wardrobes”. So then when you are awarded the CHUMPS, we had no idea why. 
I think we started the next week (Hall and Living) with a pretty crappy attitude. We were tired, homesick and basically thought our ideas were shit. We started calling ourselves “The Mediocre Mum’s”! Yeah, pretty suckful attitude I know!
So at this part of the show, we’d won a bottle of wine and had to take $3,000 off our neighbours, had pitiful tradies and our rooms were awful…
Things had to get better for us!

A-M took this of me being a chump yesterday. She wrote about it here.


  • Janette

    I loved it, I don't know what Neill's prob was with the wallpaper – it looked hot! You guys are far from chumps and you have great attitudes through it all.

  • Anna@MyDesignEthos

    While I did love Josh & Jenna's ensuite I thought you deserved a better mark for this room! While I'm not a fan of storage-less bedside tables personally (at least you had something, unlike Rod & Tania!) I still think the room looked great and I liked the touches of pink. And I thought your ensuite was lovely. Can't wait to see what you do with the living room!

  • onlylisa

    I love your room.
    I love your cocky!

    The thing about being defeated is that you learn from it and – if you can – you adjust.

    I have a really really really strong feelings in my bones that next week will be your week!

  • Rebekah

    I loved your bedroom and ensuite and definitely think you deserved the win. Next week is definitely your week. Xx

  • *JaNiCe*

    Katrina & Amie, LOVED your bedroom and ensuite! And that wallpaper? BEAUTIFUL! No idea what the judges were on about – stupid men! Oh and the black tiles in your ensuite? LOVEEEEEEEEE!

  • Suz

    I love your rooms! (Although I'm not a huge fan of the shower-in-bath that would be the only negative in a couple of stunning spaces). Your rooms are definitely the most fun!

    Just caught your last post too re: your Chrohn's. My beautiful sister has this and is desperately wanting to start a new (hopefully miracle!)treatment as hers is terrible at the moment. But has just got a case of shingles and can't start until that clears! One thing after another. Anyway, I really feel for you – it's a cruel cruel illness. Good on you for still getting out there and achieving so much while still battling with Chrohns.

  • Michelle

    It's such a tease seeing snippets of your room when I know that you have probably finished the Block by now! I love your style, don't be dis-heartened, you girls are kicking butt and doing an amazing job x

  • Mrs B

    I actually cracked it really bad last night after the results. I just want you and Amie to win just even 1 room so badly that I feel like boycotting the rest of the series LOL. Like the other posters, I was just stunned beyond all comprehension how Polly and Waz won that 'teenager retreat' bedroom. It was the biggest sympathy vote ever on The Block. You two girls are fabulous so never forget that!

    Mrs B xx

  • Posie Patchwork

    Oh so many posts to catch up on, i loved your rooms & no chump approval here. I think you're humming along nicely & it's all about the end game – the final profit to aim & focus on, you can do it, your style is real, enjoyable & we stylish folk in the real world LOVE IT!! Also love you, hang in there awesome sisters, love Posie

  • Vintage Chic Delights

    Watching The Block right now. Belle design shoot…. Just shouted "YES" at the TV, so glad you won! Feel like your talent was recognised, maybe it needed different judges to get you! It would have been a boost at a time when it was needed. So enjoying the show, even though I haven't watched it in previous years, loving your fun-loving quirky touches.

  • marietta steel

    Needless to say you are both my fave couple on the block so just a hint because you guys got the smallest space to work on please stop using a lot of dark colours esp. black, u seem like u r obsessive of color black which makes your room smaller. White and light color are good.

  • Julie-Ann

    I agree with A-M the rooms are stunning. I would be ecstatic to live in your home. But I can understand how you feel disheartened. I think you were so brave to leave your family, deal with your health and then…renovate a total wreck of a house in 8 weeks. The important thing is that now it's finished you can look back and see what an amazing job you have done.

  • Julienne

    A room can look really good but is it always practical?! Do you have to wipe down the bath every time someone has a shower in Josh and Jenna's bathroom and no wonder they had marks on top of the glass you can't clean it without a ladder!!!! So no thank you I would choose your rooms every time for beauty and practicality. Perhaps they need a female judge as well!!!!

  • Vanessa

    I am so happy I found your site! You girls are our family faves and we love your syle. I wrote a comment yesterday and blogger ate it. But I wrote that given this took place weeks ago, I bet you start kicking butt from here on in – and you won last night's challenge. Could you maybe explain what the judges meant when they said you were the only team that met the criteria for Belle?
    Loved those chairs you used, and so glad to see you shine!

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