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Floorboards on the wall

If you think you’d like a feature wall somewhere in your house, but don’t want to choose a paint colour or wallpaper pattern, then you could look at using a floorboard or timber panel to achieve a more natural and…


Milton & King Australian Wallpaper Manufacturers

Milton & King are a family business that design and manufacture high quality non-woven wallpapers in Brisbane. Their customer base is fun, design-savvy, fashion-conscious and cool, and are wanting to make a statement about themselves via their walls. They sell their collections both locally…


Wall Murals by Linn Warme

Linn Warme and is a Swedish artist and pattern designer, and her first wallpaper collection has been released and as a newly graduated artist. It’s the Swedish wallpaper company Rebelwalls who is releasing their new collection of wallpapers called Designers Forum where they work…

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DIY Feature Walls

DIY Feature Walls, what a fabulous idea! If you have a creative flare and need to jazz-up a room, a vibrant wall with a difference can be just the thing to adding that spark within your house. Of course, you…