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Jess & Ayden WIN Reno Rumble

Jess and Ayden WIN Reno Rumble and here are the photos from their final house… What did you think of their win? What did you think of the final house reveal? Come back to see Carly & Leighton’s house in…

The Block

The Block Triple Threat: Terraces

On The Block triple Threat last night we saw the final room reveals… the Terraces. What did you think about them? I loved them – amazing job! Of course we saw Tim & Anastasia return – as if we wouldn’t…

The Block

The Block Triple Threat: Kitchens!

The kitchens were revealed on The Block Triple Threat last night… they are always my favourite rooms! What did you think? Jess & Ayden took home first place with 26/30. Here’s their room below… :: Tim and Anastasia created a slick…