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11 garden pots

Garden pots have really come a long way in the past few years. They include a mix of colours, textures and patterns and they can be used inside or out. You can never have too many pots! They look more dramatic when a similar style is grouped together in large numbers with different plants in […]

3 indoor plants you need for 2017

Hi there! Still loving your indoor plants? Me too! I’ve been thinking about what plants I would love to add to my home this year. Lots of unique and interesting plants are popping up on Instagram and Pinterest lately and I’ve been making a mental note so that I can keep a look out. While the […]

10 pot stands

10 pot stands

Believe it or not, but I don’t own a pot stand. What the? Ha! When I started this blog post I thought how can that be?! I own about 87 indoor plants, but no stand?? Well today I went looking online for 10 pot stands which would look great in anyone’s home. I recently bought number […]

My Jade Plant Addiction

I really am addicted to the Jade plant. You can see below! I just love the look of it, how easy it is to maintain and you can grow it yourself. The reason why I have so many is that I break a bit off, stick it in some water, let it grow roots, then […]