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Cactus & Succulent Bowls

Feel like an easy DIY project this weekend? What about making a cactus or succulent bowl? Hard to kill these little fellas, they are cheap to buy and look great all clumped together. Now when I say “hard to kill” I mean it’s not impossible and I have killed…

How to save a dying fiddle leaf fig

We’ve all be caught out haven’t we?? Lured by those amazing Instagram photos of the perfect fiddle leaf fig, searched high and low for our own, only to get it home and 3 months later see that it’s dying a slow death!

I killed one. I wasn’t proud of that….

11 garden pots

Garden pots have really come a long way in the past few years. They include a mix of colours, textures and patterns and they can be used inside or out. You can never have too many pots! They look more dramatic when a similar style is grouped together in…

3 indoor plants you need for 2017

Hi there! Still loving your indoor plants? Me too! I’ve been thinking about what plants I would love to add to my home this year. Lots of unique and interesting plants are popping up on Instagram and Pinterest lately and I’ve been making a mental note so that I can…