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Landscaping with ornamental grass

You’re either a lover or hater of ornamental grass. It comes in lots of colours and textures and can be wild and bushy. If your style is contemporary then this garden will suit. It gives a bold impact to your landscaping. It’s decorative and low-maintenance so you can’t really go wrong. They can look simple […]

How to pot an artificial plant

Hi there! Today’s post is not ground-breaking or riveting stuff, but I wanted to show you a little trick. You know when you buy an artificial plant and it comes in those skinny teeny tiny black pots? And they just look ridiculous swimming inside a pot or basket? Well, you need to fix that 🙂 […]

Cactus & Succulent Bowls

Feel like an easy DIY project this weekend? What about making a cactus or succulent bowl? Hard to kill these little fellas, they are cheap to buy and look great all clumped together. Now when I say “hard to kill” I mean it’s not impossible and I have killed my fair share of succulents, but […]