How to Care for a Jade Plant

The Jade plant is a popular plant often placed at the front door for prosperity. “Jade by the door, poor no more!” That’s what the Feng Shui lovers say! They are considered a “lucky plant” or “money tree”. You can’t…


10 House Plants Which Are Hard To Kill

Indoor plants aren’t going anywhere. It’s seems this trend is evolving each year, with a new trending plant to try in a living room corner or home office. Real plants offer health benefits within the home, but one can be…


How to grow a Monstera Deliciosa

The Monster Deliciosa is a very popular indoor plant. They are tropical, wild and can grow in all directions! Not only are they a striking houseplant, but they are also very easy to grow and a fantastic beginner plant. I…


Where to buy indoor plants online

If you’re obsessed with indoor plants like me then you’re always on the look out for that perfect addition to your home! Sometimes it’s hard to source plants. We have Bunnings locally and that’s about it. I find it really…

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Indoor plants for your office

Liven up that work or home office with a few indoor plants that will be hard to kill (I know, it’s still possible!). These plants are pretty good in low light, don’t need a lot of love, will clear the…


How to grow a healthy rubber plant

The rubber plant has won my heart. It’s becoming my favourite indoor plant. It’s better than the fiddle leaf if you ask me! Big call I know, but look at those leaves! They are thicker, more defined in shape and…