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Indoor plants for your office

Liven up that work or home office with a few indoor plants that will be hard to kill (I know, it’s still possible!). These plants are pretty good in low light, don’t need a lot of love, will clear the…

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Home Office Inspiration

I don’t ever get tired of looking at home offices. They are my favourite. Some people are so darn clever! I have a home office which is currently getting a little spruce up. Yesterday we put in a shaftless skylight…


Feng Shui your office

Feng Shui and your Desk Do you like a bit of Feng Shui? Do you follow any of the principles in your home? One day I’d love to have an expert come through mine. Would be interesting. Here’s a great…


10 Home Office Ideas

I never get tired of looking at home offices. It’s been a BIG dream of mine to have the perfect home office. It will happen soon one day I hope! I’ve built the perfect room for it here in my…