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Two tone kitchens

I’ve been helping lots of new clients with their kitchen designs these past few months and one idea that keeps coming up in conversation is a two tone kitchen. One colour for the lower cabinetry and a contrasting/complimentary colour for the overheads. Or your island a different colour to…

Splashback ideas

You know me – I LOVE a good kitchen design. I could look at kitchens all day long. What I really like at the moment is a different splashback. We’ve moved passed the mirror and glass splashbacks and tiles are definitely the most popular choice at the moment. But…

Modern Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Feel like bringing some of your favourite beach holidays home with you? Why not consider a coastal themed bedroom? Modern coastal themed bedrooms are stylish, simple and calming. Bring the beach inside with a palette of blues, whites and sea greens paired perfectly with timber and texture.






Here a some tips I think…

Trend Prediction: Zinc

I saw a few photos in my Instagram feed recently that used ZINC for some pots and outdoor lights. I loved it and I predict this may be our next big craze!

Last week I headed to Melbourne to chat with some fellow bloggers and instagrammers about all things lighting and…

Moroccan Style Tiles

I’ve called this blog post “Moroccan Style Tiles” because I think the lines may have been blurred a little on what is traditionally ‘Moroccan’ or just a pretty patterned tile. Nevertheless, this style of tile is just gorgeous. It adds a special touch to a room. Whether that be…

A black bed

I’ve got quite a thing for black at the moment. 4 years ago I banished it all from my home and went white/timber/colour…. But the black is sneaking back in!
If you like black too, but don’t want too much of it, why not add a bit of black in the…

LOVE a round mirror

It looks like round mirrors are here to stay. They are popping up on our walls everywhere. And the bigger the better! If you have a blank wall and don’t know what to do with it, a mirror will always work! They are being used in the entry, in…