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Why wood is good!

Brought to you by Planet Ark’s Make it Wood.
Wood is a prominent feature in our homes at the moment. You only have to flick through all the popular interior design mags or scroll through Pinterest to see it’s everywhere. Wood is beautiful, trendy and appealing. It can be used in so many…

Paint your floorboards WHITE!

Yes! You heard me right!  Floorboards painted white look amazing! They really lighten up a space and can make a room feel more spacious. White is far from boring. In fact, white makes a huge statement yet allows the colours and patterns in your other decor such as art, plants and cushions…

Loving the modern farmhouse!

Love love LOVE modern American farmhouses! So much character and charm. Much more so than the homes we build here in Australia. The farmhouse is a quintessential American feature and a tradition of southern living in the states. I would love to see more of this style of home on…