DIY/How to

DIY/How to

DIY fake plant hanging pot

I wanted a fake hanging plant, but they are so expensive (well I think they are!). So of course I decided to come up with my own idea… My son has always had a real hanging plant in his bedroom…

DIY/How to

DIY: Turn a scarf in to a cushion

Yesterday I turned 3 scarves in to cushions in about 20 minutes. I’ve been having what I call “cushion rage” lately… I hated everything I saw in the shops, I hated what I already owned and if I did see…

DIY/How to, Paint

How to paint furniture

How to paint furniture Painting furniture is such a cheap and easy way to transform something old in to a feature piece. The internet is full of ideas on how to do this. You can paint chairs, dressers, console tables,…

DIY/How to

Under the kitchen sink storage

I did this under the kitchen sink storage DIY a while ago, but because it’s the beginning of the year and we all seem to be obsessed with cleaning and culling I thought I might re-post it. Isn’t she pretty?…

DIY/How to

A bathroom skylight

I recently had another opportunity to add a shaftless skylight in my bathroom thanks to  illume™  Shaftless Solar Skylights. I used one previously in my home office and I was keen to also get one in my main bathroom. It’s…

DIY/How to, Lighting

DIY Pendant Lighting

If you just can’t find that perfect pendant light, or everything you see is out of your budget, why not have a little go at a DIY? There are lots of ideas on Pinterest and I gathered a few here…