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10 DIY shelf tutorials

I’ve had a need to get some more DIY done around here lately. If you saw on my Instagram yesterday I decided to regrout my shower and then chop some height off my dining table. Crazy lady I know! Haha. Anyhoo, I am always looking for the perfect DIY…

DIY painted wall art

Some people will say a big no-no to “homemade art”. But not me. I think if you’re creative, got a good eye and willing to give art a go, then why not?! Not everyone can afford hundreds of dollars for a piece of art for every wall in their…

5 DIY bedhead ideas

Hi there! Today I went searching for some easy DIY bedhead projects for you. Gone are the days of expensive bed frames… Now we are happy with an ensemble and a bedhead to bring the room to life.

I’ve got 5 ideas for you:

Lattice or trellis

Black Painted Furniture Ideas

Do you like a touch of black in your home? Maybe you’ve got a piece of furniture which could do with a lick of paint? Today I went looking for painted black furniture ideas and thought I’d share some inspiration with you.

I like that not all pieces are solid…