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DIY: Paint a set of OARS

Howdy! A while ago I bought a set of oars for $25 from a junk shop. I knew I could give them a new lease on life. A sand and some paint and they’d fill a spot on a shelf.

They weren’t looking so fabulous when I bought them. They were…

Ways to hide your tv cords

Hiding tv cords can be a real pain in the backside. It’s not easy to do if you have brick walls, or are renting. But if you use your imagination you can successfully hide those unsightly tv cords.
My preference would always be to access the wall cavity. Thread the…

DIY concrete pots

Here’s a DIY project for you – make your own concrete pots! Aren’t they all the rage at the moment? I’ve been a sucker for all the concrete goodies and I thought I’d give this a go!
This was an inexpensive project and I spent about $20 all up (I…