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DIY floating shelves

Sponsored by Masters and Nuffnang
Hi there! Thanks for coming by to see Part 2 of my floating shelf makeover. Thanks to Masters Home Improvement, they set me a DIY challenge and this is what my husband I decided to do – it was not difficult and I am positive…

Design Tribe Room Reveal

Guest post by: Jeanette Del Zio
The forum is not only a great source of inspiration and discussion for all things lifestyle and interiors related, it also a great place to get some professional advice to help you with whatever design challenges you may be facing.
Today we would love to share with you…

A DIY project in planning

Sponsored by Nuffnang and Masters.
I have a lounge room in my house which is very unfinished. You know… the budget and indecisiveness went hand in hand… But we’ve been here 12 months and it’s time to get a wriggle on with these projects!
I have wanted to put 2 floating…

At home in my office

Hiya! Ok, here we go with another project! This one has been going on a while in the background and finally I have a couple of decent photos to show you. It’s not quite finished, maybe only 85% there, but I am really happy to say it’s coming along…

9 Washi Tape Projects

1. Put it on pegs, pop a magnet on the back and use on the fridge.

2. The fastest birthday card you’ll ever make!

3. Bling up your electrical cords.

4. Cover the inside of a lampshade.

5. Cover thumbtacks.

6. Fancy tin cans.

7. Tea lights.

8. Washi tape frames.

9. Washi tape vases.

DIY Feature Walls

DIY Feature Walls, what a fabulous idea! If you have a creative flare and need to jazz-up a room, a vibrant wall with a difference can be just the thing to adding that spark within your house. Of course, you can always splurge and purchase some stunning wallpaper (you…

The DIY never stops…

HI everyone!

I’m still here, just in the background taking a little break from the blog and getting some other stuff done…

The Media Maid has been flat out! I love it! I’m still taking on new jobs so feel free to email me for a quote. I’ll share all the…