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DIY/How to

DIY fake plant hanging pot

I wanted a fake hanging plant, but they are so expensive (well I think they are!). So of course I decided to come up with my own idea… My son has always had a real hanging plant in his bedroom…

DIY/How to

Add a hanging space to shelves

I did this project a while ago and thought I’d share it again.  It was super easy and has made a big difference to how I use this room. Shamefully it was a huge mess (and mostly still is!). It’s…

DIY/How to, Outdoors

Artificial turf ideas

Artificial turf has become very popular. When people started using it in their backyards a few years ago I was very skeptical – we probably all were. I was a little cringey and unsure of it. BUT it’s come a…

DIY/How to

Hang a DIY tapestry

A couple of weeks ago I picked up this huge piece of canvas from a Facebook marketplace. It was already painted with some pinks/grey/black. It measured about 1.5m x 1m and was only $20. That’s definitely a bargain! You can…