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12 Bar Stools

[source] Deciding on bar stools for your kitchen or outdoor area isn’t an easy task! There are so many to choose from and picking the right style/colour/height can have you in a tizz. They can also make a huge statement in your kitchen. Today I thought I’d share 12 of the best ones I could […]

9 dining chairs to love

Today I thought I’d share 9 dining chairs you can buy online and have delivered straight to your door. I recently purchased number 4 for a display home and they are fantastic. Not uncomfortable, look great and make the space look bigger. I do also like number 8 because they are simple. Anyone got the wishbone’s? What’s […]

Trending: Horse Prints

I don't own a horse nor do I have much to do with them, but I am smitten with this horse print trend. My sister owns a horse plus she has the big Lone Mustang print (below 6th shopping link) and it's amazing! Beautiful real photography (especially in the black and white) is really making a statement [...]

Floorboards on the wall

If you think you’d like a feature wall somewhere in your house, but don’t want to choose a paint colour or wallpaper pattern, then you could look at using a floorboard or timber panel to achieve a more natural and rustic look. There are so many colours to choose from in this range. You could […]